Monday, August 31, 2015

No Nonsense Has Its Fans

Women pro-wrestling can be entertaining to me if (and only if) it follows a list of requisites: absence of carnival-like characters and behavior, more time dedicated to wrestling than circus, skillful fighters who practice the standard trade (moves, holds) and, why not, natural sexy appeal. 

Every item is on this LadySports production with Kameo and Persephone (specially the lovely natural wedgies).


Monday, August 24, 2015

What Do Candies And Sports Apparel Have In Common?

They need ads with gorgeous women ... fighting (or training to fight...). Consumers change, new entertainment vehicles appear, another generation takes power, but when nothing better shows up at the creative meetings in the advertising agencies, let us stage a nice catfight. 

The first ad is more sexy but the second one has a famous model: Gisele Bündchen, training with a punching bag (is she preparing herself to a hard talk to Tom Brady due to their marriage latest developments?).


Monday, August 17, 2015

Blonde On Blonde

These catfights depict women of different sizes and strength but all of then exhibiting a mane of golden hair (however, someones may have used a tube of tint here and there...). In my time there was a saying: "gentleman prefer blondes" (from a movie with Marilyn Monroe). Not anymore, I think: men attention has moved to other body parts...

The video has samples from: Mass Muscle Doughdee vs Kris, TC Wrestling TCW012 Axa vs Kelly and FemmeFights FF416 Vitoria vs Summers (the latest ones are real blondes for sure!).


Monday, August 10, 2015

Old School In Black & White

The right title is: old school girl pins with black vs white fighters. And on the nude!

They also have a basic requisite of good pins: a victim struggling to get free with legs waving in the air.

The very vintage ones are California Supreme VT194 (Sally vs BJ) and VT128 (with Candi); the just vintage is Joan Wise VT548 (Monica vs Sabrina).


Monday, August 3, 2015

Promising Beginning, So-So Development

When I saw the first minutes of this Erotic Female Domination production I thought I had found a high grade combat. The movie starts with Orsi S Orsi B and Viktoria putting her outfits on, which is a nice "foreplay" specially in Orsi´s case.  The cloth itself is well chosen: a singlet that bare the breasts (how many times we have to suggest that the Olympics Committee adopts this standard???).

However, the wrestling procedures are disappointing, with bland and repetitive maneuvers which do not exploit the skills of the two veteran (and gorgeous) fighters.   


Monday, July 27, 2015

No Way Out

I have recently noticed a gap in my catalog of published wrestling holds: the dreadful small package hold. On top of the suffering, the victim is forced to fully expose the crotch to the audience.

The scenes below convey the best hold examples. It starts with a couple of  Wrestling Lounge´s, whose director knew very well the attraction of grueling holds; for Double Trouble, Helena teaches Frankie Zappitelli how to get in trouble; one interracial fight from Woman´s World Video opens the topless section that is followed by a Lady Strong Style production; the nudies part begin with Academy´s SOAP142 Izamar vs Chantel and ends with a top example from Japan (unfortunately blemished by the bad quality video. And all of these mixed with pictures, mostly from STJ Wrestling.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Sub-Genre #30

When I was just a junior fan of women wrestling, I liked the occasional use of ropes by the "villain" to tie up and beat the adversary. One would call the trick a bondage forerunner - practice that I am not into. Later on, Amazonen Sport (ASFilm) fighters used the resort with a twist: on the nude. And a catfight producer - Woman´s World Video, changed the idea in several combats where the loser was fastened using either her bikinis or conveniently available tapes.

Two years ago, DoomMaidens decided to make the tying up the combat goal: fighters were supposed to use ropes to immobilize the opponent and get the victory (worth noting they called the video "Bondage Wrestling").

The video below has the whole story with segments of 1950s pro-wrestling, ASFilm, Woman´s World Video and the above mentioned DoomMaidens production.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alert: A Classic On The Theater

It is might be the first time a full California Wildcats video appears on YouTube and it is nothing less than Desert Duel, a gang dispute settled by a catfight between Le Dawn and Precious Pink. 

It is in the top position on the Blog´s Theater (for x minutes....).

To my surprise, this nude video is still available on YouTube after five days... Does it have a so bad resolution that the censors cannot see the intimate parts? (lol).

Monday, July 13, 2015

Findings And Losses

I was not familiar with these two fighting producers and that was a pity because they have qualities in the nude catfight realm. The first is the Girls Rule Wrestling and a sample is in the first video: regular looking girls who start the procedures without much ado and soon are using wrestling holds with resolution and skill. The cubicle scenario with good lighting and camera work helps a lot.

The second and third segments are from SuiteFights and the scenario fits the brand. In this case, the women are sexier and start with thongs for a purpose: wedgies are part of the holds repertory. 


Unfortunately, Girls Rule Wrestling vanished from the Web space; Suite Fights is still available inside Clips4Sale (actually, I had already featured this producer but now I have its sales page).